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Established in 1840, 'Shaw Brothers' has travelled a long way both in distance and in style. Once confined to the boundaries of the Vale of Kashmir,it is now recognised as one of the finest Shawl producers of the world. Since 1840 "Shaw Brothers" has been creating fashion products with an unmistakable style, perpetuating an august tradition of excellence while reaming perfectly in steps with art and fashion. Today the house of "Shaw Brothers" is celebrated as much for its daring styles as for the sumptuous quality of its creations. The name 'Shaw Brothers' has become synonymous with luxury largely due to its craftsmanship ,exclusivity and its epic tale. Shaw Brothers, today caters to an elite clientele in India and Overseas due to its focus on outstanding quality.

The extensive experience of almost two centuries is reflected in our product line, with the help of which we have carved a niche in the crowded industry of fashion accessories and home furnishings. In the international arena, we are proud in having association with the leading designers, chain of stores and big business houses and high-end Boutiques.

Our primary concern is not a product for next season or year but to create heirlooms to be inherited by future generations. We aim to bring the kind of craftsmanship that is perfect in all respects, so much so, that it is a matter of aspiration and privilege to own a shawl with the 'SB' logo.