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Being the pre-eminent shawl and carpet house of Kashmir, "Shaw Brothers" has a rich and colourful history. The origin can be traced back to the heydays of Afghan rule in Kashmir. Though the family was associated with art and craft of the valley since a long time, but officially, Shaw Brothers was founded by Mr. Mohammad Akbar Shah Sulaimani in 1840. 

1800's: Mr. Sidiqullah Shah Sulaimani: was born in a spiritual family, entirely devoted to missionary work in Kashmir. He found himself interested in trade along the silk route and persuading his interests, he prepared the ground for trading in Kashmir handicrafts. He was such a zealous trader that, the then ruler of Kashmir bestowed him with the prestigious title of Malikul-Tijarat (a sovereign in trading)

1840's: The company was established as Shah Brothers by Mr.Mohammad Akbar Shah Sulaimani and his brothers. With a commitment as strong as his father, he gave up with the primitive way of trading (where the trader used to have no control on production), he would go on to monopolize both production and retail thus expanding rapidly.

1880's: The company opens its first store by the 3RD bridge (Fatah Kadal) in Kashmir. This store became the launching pad for expanding the business beyond the mountains of the valley. Mr. Mohi-ud-din ,a visionary ,sent his sons outside the valley to endeavour the possibility of expansion and to convey to the outside world what Kashmir has to offer.

1930's: Mr. Badruddin Shah along with his brothers took "Shah Brothers" to new heights. He opened stores in Kolkata (India), Karachi (Pakistan) and Singapore. Call it English influence, the name of 'Shah Brothers' was changed to "Shaw Brothers". Another important event was the conferment of the royal decree which made "Shaw Brothers" the sole shawl suppliers to his majesty, the Maharaja of Kashmir. As a mark of this stupendous achievement,Shaw Brothers" adopts the crown head as a brand identity representing royalty, craftsmanship and uniqueness. Unfortunately post independence, the political situation changed the way the business was heading. Shaw Brothers had to close most of its stores and were left with the flagship store at the Bund in Kashmir.  

1960's: Mr. Abdul Majid Shaw joins the business at a very young age of 15 after his father's untimely death. It was all hard work and perseverance for him for the next 46 years, that brought Shaw Brothers back to its zeal. In the 60's he launched his career from Kolkata, which by then had almost lost the numero uno position of being the biggest market for Kashmir Shawls.Business is shifted to Delhi, where the first store is opened in 1978. His unflinching belief in hardwork,perseverance,honesty and customer satisfaction takes the brand to new heights. Mr. Majid Shaw passed away on Sept 19 2007. He is remembered as the most renowned and respected person of the shawl industry of the 21st century.  

2000's: Miftah Shaw (Mifi) and Mubashir Shaw ( Mubi), the brother duo, who run the show now are following in the footsteps of their father. When they Joined the establishment it had already become the household name in india. The Brothers opened up new avenues by exhibiting and showcasing their products in almost 40 countries since last 10 years,thus bringing Shaw Brothers on the international platform.